Dramawerkz Short Films to Premier on YouTube!

Students exploring the many sets and scenes within their own homes in class on June 1.

This has been a big semester – both globally and in our classrooms – and in amongst all of the uncertainty, I have been consistently uplifted by the positive attitudes and artistic ability of Dramawerkz students. Term 2 has seen our students invest their time into the making of short films about anything their heart desires. They have worked incredibly hard, thought outside the box, and brought their all to the project – I am so very proud of them.

To celebrate such a brilliant effort, we will be premiering these films on YouTube at 6:30pm on June 20. You can tune in, watch and comment live as we screen each short film and congratulate every student on what they have made.

On Saturday June 20, you can watch the YouTube video – entitled ‘Dramawerkz Stories – Semester One 2020‘ – on our channel, linked here.

An Update…

So, a lot has changed in the past few weeks. Our camp to Shakespeare on the River Festival in Stratford- which we were set to sail on in April – has been postponed while we reconfigure our lives and our practise within this pandemic. Similarly, students’ exams with Trinity College (London) have also been postponed. We look forward to returning to these aspects of the curriculum later this year.

These times require us at Dramawerkz to think outside the box as educators and we plan to step up to the challenge. In term 2, we will be offering our classes online.  For our group class students, it will be a great chance to ground our practical work in theoretical principles, learn how to collaborate despite logistical challenges and continue to build the creative community we’ve established. Private lessons are also available over Zoom or Skype.

I hope we can use this challenge to show students that art can thrive within any circumstance and any parameters. In fact, new and interesting ideas might be right at our doorsteps!

We shall not cease from exploration,
and the end of all our exploring,
will be to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time.

– T.S Elliot

Take care,
The Dramawerkz Team.

Drama Camp Fundraiser: Update

We understand that, in times like these, not everyone is keen on leaving their homes for social/fundraising calls, which makes our trivia night a little harder. Our trivia event is still going ahead (and we are keep up to date with Health Department directives) but for those of you who can’t make it, here’s a way to support the cause without leaving the comfort of your home.

So here is our Pozible campaign; raising funds for our students’ camp in Stratford, Gippsland, in April. Spend $15 or more, and be guaranteed a ticket to our trivia event, this Saturday, if you’re able to attend. No matter how much you donate, whether it’s $1 or $1000, you are helping us deliver an accessible and incredible opportunity to our students. We could not be more grateful for your support.

P.S This money is destined for Stratford, Gippsland – where we’ll be performing our new show, ‘Lyre Bird, at the Shakespeare on the River Festival. It’s important we support Gippsland economies right now! This might just be a great way to do it!

Dramawerkz Goes to Stratford!

It’s official! Dramawerkz Youth Theatre will be returning to Stratford Shakespeare on the River Festival in 2020! We’re taking the town a brand new show: ‘Lyre Bird’, written and directed by Mia Boonen.

Students will be in Stratford, Gippsland for 3 days – and we need your support to make this adventure accessible for all of our students. We’ve organised a trivia night to fundraise for accomodation, travel and food and you can find out more details here.

You can also donate online at our Pozible Campaign!

See you on March 21st, 6:30pm at Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre for a fun night of trivia and raising funds!

Registrations open for Semester 1, 2020!

Registrations are now open for Dramawerkz Youth Theatre in 2020!

Perfect for ages 13-25, the DYT program trains students in performance skills as well as devising techniques and production management experience. Students are provided with many opportunities, including:

– Internationally recognised accreditation with Trinity College, London.

– A yearly drama camp

– Community events

– Public performances and more!

Call 0413414587 or email dramawerkztheatre@gmail.com for enquiries or to book in your FREE TRIAL LESSON today!

Semester 2 2018 Newsletter

Dramawerkz would like to thank everyone for their support in 2018… 

Watch a quick video of our semester here: 

‘Such Sweet Sorrow’ is a musical co-written by Lisa Collins and Mia Boonen across the past two and a half years. It delves into the world of William Shakespeare – his life and his works.

We congratulate Dramawerkz Youth Theatre for their wonderful work over the past 6 months.

Semester 1 Newsletter

It’s been a huge semester for DramaWerkz students! Here’s a rundown:

Dramawerkz Youth Theatre has had an incredible semester – including, but not limited to, taking our show ‘Such Sweet Sorrow’ to Stratford Shakespeare on the River Festival, Drama Camp 2019 and exams with Trinity College, London.

Drama Camp 2019 took us to the glorious town of Stratford. We had a great time exploring through Stratford, having pizza with Groundwork Youth Theatre and performing at Stratford Shakespeare on The River Festival.

It’s been an awesome semester full of fantastic experiences! We look forward to what the next one has in store!

The DramaWerkz Team

Congratulations to the cast and creators of ‘Out of Our Minds’ on a fantastic show!

‘Out of Our Minds’ was a huge success, taking place at Kindred Studios in Seddon to an audience of smiling faces! It featured 11 short pieces: all original ideas created by the company, that represented the amazing host of individuals in Dramawerkz Youth Theatre. Some were comic, some melancholic and there was a fair share of passion amongst all of them.
Thank you to all that have supported Dramawerkz in 2019. Registrations for 2020 open on the 14th and we look forward to an exciting and creative new year!

You can see more photos of ‘Out of Our Minds’ in our gallery. Rehearsal photos by Leo Hoffmann-Lloyd.

Dramawerkz: Out of Our Minds

Tickets are now on sale for ‘Out of Our Minds’ – our show at Kindred Studios on December 7.

‘Out of Our Minds’ is a collection of short, original works created by Dramawerkz Youth Theatre students. Over the past six months, they’ve used the combined power of their minds to devise works about everything that holds their passion! With over a dozen works across the night – and themes that from mystery and magic to climate change and the afterlife – this is an event not to miss.

There is a fantastic discount for booking in groups! You can get your tickets here.