Catching up with our Alumni: Greta Doell

Greta Doell is a theatre maker and ex-Dramawerkz student, who trained with me (it’s Mia Boonen here: the CEO!) while we were teens. The other day, we had a virtual chat about some of the memories we made, and what Greta has been up to since those days.

Mia (CEO): What is your favourite memory from our time in class together?
Greta: My favourite memory has to be performing in the Fringe Festival at Kindred Studios in 2014. We saw the names of our shows ‘ZONEOUT’ and ‘Chook Chook’ on a billboard outside the theatre and were in awe of the opportunity. This fringe show was the first time I got to play such large roles on stage, and I felt very appreciative of this trust and responsibility my teacher and classmates had given me. I also remember enjoying every rehearsal and show during the festival, just being in the moment with my classmates. We felt like a family and I had so much fun.
Mia (CE0): I think I have too many favourite memories to count. The joy of working with an ensemble is that you have people with whom you can share all the good memories, and my favourite moments are probably the funny lines we got from improvs or the chats we had while eating dinner between shows. So tell me, what are you most proud of doing since leaving Dramawerkz Youth Theatre?
Greta: I’m most proud of the recent show I wrote that was in the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2020, in collaboration with Monash University, called Revisit.exe. I’m also very proud of the 2019 La Mama theatre production of ‘The Disappearing Trilogy’. I had the pleasure of interning as the assistant director of the show.
Mia (CE0): What are you up to now?
Greta: Working in these professional environments really motivated me to keep creating work and building diverse, accessible and sustainable theatre practices. Whilst I continue to write, I’m in the process of completing my major in Theatre at Monash University’s Centre for Theatre and Performance. From there, I plan on completing my master’s degree in writing, to become a professional writer and playwright.

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